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Forthcoming from Lady Blue Publishing.

The Guerrillas’ Rucksacks/Imagine the Nighttime Sea

|tap| lit mag Issue 4

Two flash fictions. This photo, which does not appear in the magazine, is from a United Kingdom military photograph, circa World War II, that is in the public domain the United States, 2018.

Fealty: A Story of Love and War in the Philippines, 1942

Read an excerpt here. This story was a finalist for the Salamander 2016 Fiction Prize.

Where Love Takes Us

Red Fez Issue 79 Editor’s Pick
Pushcart Nominee

You can also purchase a cute little “print single” version of “Where Love Takes Us” here, complete with lovely new cover art. Or, heck, get in touch via the form on my About page and I’ll send you one.

Knotted Rope

Atticus Review, Lost In Translation
March, 2015

You can also purchase a cute little “print single” of “Knotted Rope” here, complete with lovely new cover art. Or sure, why not–get in touch via the form on my About page, I’ll send you this one too, no problem. 


Mendacity Review Issue 19

I do not have a print single of this. But if I did, I would use the raven for a cover, if artist Michael Pape said yes. He was very sweet about letting me use it to promote my story on little business cards. Isn’t it cool?

 Book Reviews

Camille Trincheri: Seeking Alice
Voices in Italian Americana Volume 28, Number 2

Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in Your Life by Yiyun Li
Rain Taxi Summer 2017 Online Edition

The Birds of Opulence by Crystal Wilkinson,
Bookslut Issue 162 (May 2016)

True Outsiders: A Review of Weird Girl and What’s His Name by Meagan Brothers, 
Atticus Review December 2015

Insistent Quiet Voices: A Review of Black Krim by Kate Wyer,
Atticus Review July 2015

Erotic, Fantastic, and Horrible Awakenings: A Review of Dog Men by Alana Nöel Voth
Atticus Review March 2015